ArtistS & Problem Solvers.



Our approach to graphic design is practical, not precious: We are thrilled to have turned our passions into fulfilling careers. We believe that great design is as dependent on listening as it is on seeing; every project we take on begins with dialogue. Whether you need to rebrand, new website, a mailer, an annual report, or a wedding invitation, our job is to listen to your ideas and help shape and refine them. You can get a feel for our design aesthetic by looking at our portfolio;  We partial to clean, minimal designs that showcase and support your message. Friendly, respectful, professional design is what you can expect from our studio: when you call us, we call you back. When you have feedback, we listen. We don't discriminate against small projects or modest goals. Whatever you need design to do for your business, we are here to help. In that way, we are like your family doctor—but without the shots. 


The fine Print.

After receiving my BA in Journalism and Visual Communication from UNC Chapel Hill, I spent many years working in advertising, working freelance and doing in-house design for a major New York-based company. I founded Jody Matthews Design in 2006, and have been inspired and energized by the demands and rewards of running a studio ever since. My clients run the gamut from vast real-estate conglomerates to boutique service providers.